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Sabre Systems, Inc. Announces Charitable Donation of $10K to Warfighter Advance Organization

August 2, 2017

Sabre Systems, Inc. (Sabre) announced it will make a charitable donation of $10,000.00 to the Warfighter Advance Organization. The donation will be used to combat Veteran Suicide through successful reintegration and resilience of the Warfighter.

Veteran suicide rates have tragically doubled civilian suicide rates since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks[1]. According to Sabre’s President and Chief Operating Officer warfrighter-photo(COO), Mr. Glen Ives, a retired Naval Officer, “We are truly honored and blessed to have so many veterans as part of our Sabre family, they make us a stronger and better company. Appreciating their sacrifice and dedication to make our world a better and safer place requires action. Sabre is committed to giving back to the veteran community and their families through discussion, volunteerism, and donations.” Along with his wife, Mrs. Barbara Ives, also a retired U.S. Navy Captain with almost 27 years of service, they contribute their personal time to share their experiences and offer support. Sabre is honored to contribute to this cause that holds such a personal connection to our leadership and workforce. Investing in our veterans is an investment in our people, our communities, and our future.

Warfighter Advance conducts an Advance 7 Day program located just outside the nation’s capital. Over 900 veterans have completed the program, with a 0% alumni suicide rate. The 7 day training operation is meticulously designed to carefully advance the warfighter in 8 critical areas of reintegration and resiliency that focus on training, spiritual and physical wellness, peer reliance, psychological education and care, and setting realistic expectations. All warfighters attend 100% free with costs covered by donations and fundraising. Alumni of the program receive specialized training and professional support, 24/7 and 365 day-a-year access to Warfighter Advance staff, and a monthly check in to ensure continued program success and wellness.

For more information or to learn how you can help please go to or find them on social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

About Sabre Systems, Inc.

Sabre Systems, Inc. is a defense and civil agency contractor specializing in Information Technology, Engineering, and Program Management. Established in 1989, Sabre has a 28 year history of investing in our people for the betterment of our communities and country. Sabre was a recipient of the Vet Jobs ( Outstanding Veteran Employer Award, 2016 which recognizes companies who are dedicated to the hiring and retention of veterans and their family members. For more information on Sabre Systems, Inc. please visit

[1] Source: “Suicide Among Veterans and Other Americans.” US Department of Veteran Affairs, 2016.

Sabre Systems, Inc. Supports Historic USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Arrested Landing and Electromagnetic Launch Systems

August 1, 2017

The USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), the first new US aircraft carrier designed in 40 years, is a reflection of modern naval engineering. For the past 60 years, aircraft carriers have launched fixed-wing aircraft using steam catapults, complicated systems requiring large crews to operate and maintain. That all changed on July 28, 2017 when the USS Gerald R. Ford successfully launlinkedin-photo-post-EMAILS-CVN78-2017 (002)ched its first aircraft using an electromagnetic catapult. History was made when Commander Jamie Struck successfully landed an F/A-18F Super Hornet aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford with the first arrested landing using the Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) system and again when he launched from the flight deck by the Electromagnetic Launch System (EMALS).

Engineers and technical experts from Sabre Systems, Inc.’s Lakehurst, NJ office supported the Navy’s ship integration and testing teams for the new AAG and EMAL systems. A software controlled system, AAG offers greater reliability and safety to a wider range of aircraft. According to the US Navy, the built in testing and dialogistic features deliver reliable and easier to maintain systems with a higher launch energy capacity than previous systems.

According to Sabre’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Glen Ives, “We are so proud of the Sabre professionals who contributed so importantly to this historical Naval Aviation milestone. Their hard work and tireless commitment reflect Sabre’s dedication to naval engineering and innovation and ultimately in the safety of our warfighters who rely on these critical systems.” Sabre Systems congratulates the crew of the CVN 78 and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) on this accomplishment.  Bravo Zulu!

Sabre Systems, Inc. is proud to have contributed to the historic naval achievement of the USS Gerald R. Ford’s first arrested landing and electromagnetic launch.

Sabre Presents ourSabre STEM Scholarship Awards

August 1, 2017

Sabre Systems, Inc. awarded $1,500 college scholarships to two children of current employees in its first ourSabre STEM Scholarship, a program that recognizes outstanding academic achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).STEM - Nicholas Reciving Award

ourSabre STEM Scholarships were awarded to Nicholas Barnes, and Nicole Loehle both children of employees.

Nicholas Barnes is attending Old Dominion University and majoring in Computer Engineering and Nicole Loehle is attending New Jersey Institute of Technology and majoring in Chemical Engineering this upcoming fall.

Chairman and CEO, Phil Jaurigue said this of the award recipients, “Sabre is proud of the achievements of Nicholas and Nicole. Along with fellow scholarship recipient Lauren Beal, who received the The Chief Warrant Officer 4 Edward Fitzgerald Collier United States Marine Corps Memorial Scholarship Award created in memory of employee Ed Collier who passed away earlier this year, they represent hope for our future as they enter a new phase in their lives. Our congratulations to Nicholas, Nicole, and Lauren, and to their parents who provided that supportive environment needed to foster such excellence. We look forward to hearing more of the accomplishments yet to come. Well done.”STEM - Nicole and Phil

Sabre is proud to award these deserving students and wishes the winners success in their STEM education.

The ourSabre STEM scholarship program was launched recently in 2017, in an effort help steer employees’ children into this curriculum area by helping reduce the financial barriers to attend college. This scholarship program is an addition to four $1,500 scholarships exempt to employees and their families pursuing an undergraduate degree in the STEM curriculum.rSAB

Sarah Decker Awarded Sabre STEM Scholarship

August 1, 2017

Sabre Systems, Inc. awarded ASDecker350berdeen High School student, Sara Decker, a $1,500 STEM Scholarship in recognition of her stellar achievements within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field. Ms. Decker excelled throughout her years at Aberdeen High School both inside and outside of the classroom. As a National Honor Society member, Sara committed to succeeding and helping others prosper. She was an active member of Mu Alpha Theta, a math honors society, and helped younger students succeed with algebra as a math tutor. Sara received the AP Scholar Award which is given to students who have received outstanding AP scores. One of her memorable moments came during a trip to Houston, TX where she welcomed Astronaut Scott Kelly back to Earth at the NASA facilities alongside Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden.

Ms. Decker’s plan is to major in applied health science at Wheaton college in Norton, Massachusetts. Her chosen major will help prepare her for post-undergraduate study, including medical school, physical therapy school, and her chosen path, dietetics. Throughout the next four years, Decker will gain the scientific knowledge and learn from hands-on experiences to develop professional and interpersonal skills. These skills will help her move into a post-graduate program at the University of North Carolina to become a registered dietician. Ms. Decker hopes to use her knowledge for nutrition and passion for running to better the running community and help the Nike Oregon Project produce world class athletes.

Sabre is proud to select such a hardworking, motivated, and intelligent student for the scholarship. Sabre wishes Sara all of the best in her future endeavors.

The Sabre STEM scholarship program was launched in 2013 in an effort help steer students into this curriculum area by helping reduce the financial barriers to attend college. Sabre will award a total of four $1,500 scholarships to deserving students in locations where the company has a major presence. The company also has a STEM scholarship program for employees, which will award three scholarships to recipients internally.

Sabre Awards Rebekah Torgesen with STEM Scholarship

July 13, 2017

Sabre Systems, Inc. awarded Great Mills High School student, Rebekah Torgesen, a $1,500 college scholarship in recognition of her outstanding academic achievements and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) accomplishments.    Ms. Rebekah Torgesen STEM Award PicTorgesen has participated in the STEM Academy program since she was in the sixth grade. Her outstanding record of accomplishments include second place for the Real World Engineering Model in 2014, the Society of Women Engineer’s Outstanding Engineer award and second place for the STEM UAS QuadCopter Challenge in 2015, and a prestigious medical internship in 2016. In addition to her academic achievements, Rebekah Torgesen is adamant on giving back, making sure to participate in volunteer work and community service. This passion was also expressed in her essay. Her drive to study chemical engineering at either Brigham Young University or Utah State University would allow her to pursue medical school, and eventually become an orthopedic surgeon. Ultimately, her goals would fulfill what she deems most important; truly helping others.

Sabre is honored to choose such a talented, motivated, and compassionate student for the scholarship. Sabre wishes Rebekah all the best in her future endeavors.

The Sabre STEM scholarship program was launched in 2013 in an effort help steer students into this curriculum area by helping reduce the financial barriers to attend college. Sabre will award a total of six $1,500 non-renewable scholarships to deserving students in locations where the company has a major presence. The company also has a STEM scholarship program for employees as well.

Sabre Presents Edward Collier Scholarship Award

July 13, 2017

At a very special scholarship luncheon, Sabre Systems, Inc. humbly presented The Chief Warrant Officer 4 Edward Fitzgerald Collier United States Marine Corps Memorial Scholarship Award to Lauren Beal, daughter of Sabre Contracts Administrator, Susan Beal. Sabre employee, Edward Collier, passed away earlier this year. This scholarship Ed Collier Scholarship Pic MySabre2was created to honor his memory by awarding a deserving student pursuing a degree in one of the STEM disciplines, and embodying the caring and passionate spirit of Ed. Ed’s wife and family attended the event, which took place on July 6, 2017 in the Aberdeen, Maryland office. Ed’s wife, Gwen Collier, said, “We are honored that through this memorial scholarship his legacy will continue to bless others.”

Lauren Beal, an incoming freshman of Marist College majoring in Medical Technology, was honored to receive this award in its first year. Her parents, Susan and Phil Beal, said of the event, “Meeting Gwen Collier and her children and grandchildren last week was an unbelievable experience.  They embraced us instantly and accepted our family as a new part of their family. We are so blessed that our daughter Lauren was selected for this incredible award in Ed’s memory.”

Also in attendance was Sabre Chairman and CEO, Phil Jaurigue. Mr. Jaurigue explained, “It was a humbling feeling to see the Beal and Collier families meet on such a special occasion. I’m delighted that we are able to honor Ed’s memory in such a meaningful way. Ms. Beal represents the very finest of the Class of 2017 while she continues her battle with Type I Diabetes and her efforts to raise funds and awareness of the disease. The Beals and Colliers will be forever linked, and I feel blessed to have been able to share time with both families. I’m sure Ed would have been proud, and I look forward to honoring future scholarship winners.”

Ed Collier Scholarship Pic MySabre1President and COO, Glen Ives adds, “Our (Chief Warrant Officer 4) CWO4 Edward Fitzgerald Collier, United States Marine Corps Memorial Scholarship is especially meaningful for many at Sabre because it is named for a true friend, and colleague who represented the very best of our country and our company.  Ed’s distinguished service as a United States Marine for over 26 years and his dedicated support of the Sabre team and customers for over 7 years, were always characterized by his uncompromising values of honor, courage, and commitment.  What is especially gratifying, is how Lauren and the Beal family epitomize those values that Ed treasured and lived. I was very touched by the Collier and Beal families, and the way they seemed to bond through this award.  It was a truly great day for the Colliers, the Beals, and our entire Sabre family… and I could not have been more proud to be part of ensuring Ed’s legacy and memory through such a promising young professional like Lauren.”FamilyPicDuringScholarshipAwarding

Ed Collier served as a United States Marine for 26 years, and was a member of the NAVAIR Expeditionary Airfields (EAF) Program Management team for over 7 years. After retiring from the Marine Corps, Ed joined Sabre in 2010. Ed is survived by his wife Gwendolyn, daughters Daisha and Sash-sha; step children Daisi-Mae and Dereck-Henry, granddaughter Leila, and grandsons Kawika and Keanu.

Sabre Sponsored Drexel Senior Design Team 54

June 7, 2017

Sabre was honored to provide a $1,000 sponsorship to Drexel University Senior Design team 54, led by Sabre Director of S&T Partnerships, Robert Carullo. Mr. Carullo explained, “The team’s mission was to deliver a unique, electrically powered ultralight aircraft with a flight stabilization program that is significantly safer for the operator, thus attracting people to the ultralight aircraft community”.                                                                      Group Picture - Drexel Article

The standard ultralight aircraft is described as weighing less than 254 pounds of empty weight, having a fuel capacity of 5 U.S. gallons, and being equipped with only one seat. Additionally, this type of aircraft normally has a power off stall speed which does not exceed 24 knots of calibrated airspeed, and no more than 55 knots of calibrated airspeed at full power in level flight. The aircraft is not capable of transporting people or goods, but is used for recreational purposes. It also cannot fly in congested areas or controlled airspaces. In efforts to improve the functionality and design of the aircraft, team 54 strived to create an efficient, cost-effective, and safe project.

 Aside from being electrically powered, team 54 also incorporated a design with twin motor configuration, carbon fiber propellers, enclosed fuselage, a flight stabilization program, autopilot and GPS, and a more durable structure. Improvements from the original model would specifically include an enhanced wing design, as well as an enhanced rib design. Many of these features would also allow for the pilot of the model to require no experience before flying.

Sabre’s sponsorship enabled the team to build a full size prototype airframe with a gasoline powered motor for flight test, and conduct ground runs and flight tests. Upon final completion, team 54’s fixed wing ultralight aircraft will become an anomaly, and lead the potential market of recreational flight; a market valued around $301.62 million in 2015, and estimated at $389.26 million by 2020.

 Drexel University Senior Design Coordinator, Dr. John Lacontora, quoted, “This was an outstanding project that achieved all the goals of the Senior Design Program for our student teams. They conducted Program Management, Fiscal Management, Market Research, Design, Prototyping and Testing. We thank Sabre Systems for their role in enabling this successful project.”

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